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Producer, Writer, Director, Designer
Winfield has been in the entertainment industry since childhood, producing since the age of 14. Productions under his belt include: Six Flags Marine World “Treasures of the World”, Zapp, Dragontales Live, Extrordinaire, Boogie Bear Revue, Sparkle, Twinkle, Kritters, and many more. A varied portfolio of producer, writer, director, creator is what Mr. Murdock brings to the table for every project.


As an accomplished designer and member of the Costume Designers Guild IATSE #892, he has to his credit many film and television projects such as Dance Fever, HBO’s Arliss, In the Line of Duty, and Blade Boxer. He has designed occupational costuming, characters, and theatrical costuming for the theme park industry domestically and internationally. With numerous stage, arena, illusion, and cabaret productions his varied experience makes him a consummate designer/craftsman and also a Costume Technician under IATSE 705 and NABET.


As a performer Winfield is a trained actor, dancer, ice skater, illusionist, and animal trainer, and also a singer. To his credit are Showboat, Zapp, Stars and Stripes on Ice, Extrordinaire, Follies, Boogie Bear Review, and many more. Winfield brings a certain dynamic to the stage with him, which reaches out to all audience members and sends an endearing energy home with each of them.


As a gentle animal trainer - a "whisperer" if you will - Winfield has a natural alliance with animals that is evident in his techniques and performance. He has worked with Wolves, Small exotic cats, Ostriches, 37 species of Exotic birds, and 10 species of Birds of Prey. He has also worked with Equine, Bovine, and Cervidae. As a member of the “International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators” (IAATE) Winfield spearheads an education program, which travels to schools and public events.

With the above skill base and varied experience, Winfield is a well-rounded seasoned creative arts professional that brings an organized, positive, creative, and enjoyable energy to any experience. That, coupled with a unique set of people skills, makes for a production professional that achieves and inspires all team members.